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Adhara Quilt Block Pattern
Diamond Jubilee Series One of the brightest stars in the night sky, Epsilon Canis Major, or A..
All Hallows Eve Quilt Pattern
Halloween is a holiday rich in symbolism. There are stories and movies about this holiday that in..
Almaaz Quilt Block Pattern
Diamond Jubilee Series Commonly known as Almaaz, Epsilon Aurigaeis a star in the constellatio..
Amish Pinwheels Quilt Pattern
This colorful little quilt was inspired by the simple elegance of the Amish and their designs. In..
Amsterdam Tulips Quilt Block Pattern
City Blocks Series Cleverly combining tulip and star designs, this block is reminiscent of Am..
Atlantic Puffin Quilt Pattern
With the approach of spring, the distinctive bill of the Atlantic puffin grows larger and intensi..
Baby's Favorite Things Quilt Pattern
Delight baby with an adorable paper pieced sampler that pictures a dozen fun blocks. Down..
Bakeria Orchid Quilt Pattern
The third flower in the Jewels of the Rainforest Series is the spectacular Bakeria Lindleyana orc..
Bali Sunrise Quilt Pattern
Bright jewel-tone colors and black give this traditional classic a contemporary look. We've used ..
Bearded Iris Quilt Pattern
A common and loved flower, the bearded iris comes in a rainbow of colors. There are hundreds of h..
Betelguese Quilt Block Pattern
Diamond Jubilee Series The second brightest star in the constellation of Orion, Betelgeuse is..
Blue Ridge Star Quilt Pattern
Reminiscent of the vibrant and serene autumn foliage of the Blue Ridge Mountains, this versatile ..
Bluebird in Flight Quilt Block Pattern
Captured in mid-flight, this realistic bluebird block works well with any nature-themed quilt. WI..
Broken Star Quilt Pattern
One of the most beautiful and ornate of pieced star patterns, the Broken Star is truly a challeng..
Butterfly Blossoms Quilt Pattern
Favorite visitors to the summer garden, butterflies are magnificent to behold. Reflecting the pro..
Candy Hearts Quilt Pattern
Inspired by the candy conversation hearts exchanged on Valentine's Day, this cheerful quilt is su..