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Amaryllis Bloom Quilt Pattern
Hippeastrum, commonly known as Amaryllis, are best known for their splendid blossoms. Their large..
Apple & Bee Orchard Quilt Pattern
Bright red apples always bring to mind the crisp, cool days of early fall. This dramatic design i..
Apple Banner Quilt Pattern
Who can resist the smell of a freshly baked apple pie as it comes out of the oven? Making apple p..
Apple Festival Quilt Pattern
Celebrate the bounty of fall with this all American apple sampler. You'll find all kinds of apple..
Baby's Favorite Things Quilt Pattern
Delight baby with an adorable paper pieced sampler that pictures a dozen fun blocks. Down..
Bakeria Orchid Quilt Pattern
The third flower in the Jewels of the Rainforest Series is the spectacular Bakeria Lindleyana orc..
Bearded Iris Quilt Pattern
A common and loved flower, the bearded iris comes in a rainbow of colors. There are hundreds of h..
Butterfly Blossoms Quilt Pattern
Favorite visitors to the summer garden, butterflies are magnificent to behold. Reflecting the pro..
Christmas Flower Wall Quilt Pattern
Celebrate the holidays with the ever-loved Poinsettia. This brightly colored parts of lovely blos..
Country Cottage Quilt Pattern
As you stitch up this majestic country cottage wall hanging, you'll enter a world that brings pea..
Disa Veitchii Orchid Quilt Pattern
The fifth flower quilt pattern in the Jewels of the Rainforest Series is the spectacular Disa Vei..
Dogwood Blossoms Quilt Pattern
Here in the Blue Ridge Mountains of Virginia, Springtime has officially arrived when the Dogwoods..
Falling Leaves Quilt Pattern
This quilt is a celebration of the annual display of brilliant autumnal leaf color. Green leaves ..
Fleur de Lis Quilt Pattern
Designed as a tribute to the Jazz City, New Orleans, the name of this quilt means "flower of the ..
Fresh Cut Poinsettia Quilt Pattern
Fresh from the garden, this woodcut poinsettia makes a delightful holiday quilt. The open petal a..
Garden Gate Crocus Quilt Pattern
Flowers have been an inspiration to quilters for generations. The beauty of a garden in bloom can..