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Animal Crackers Quilt Pattern
Animal crackers were one of our very favorite childhood treats. After carefully transporting the ..
Atlantic Puffin Quilt Pattern
With the approach of spring, the distinctive bill of the Atlantic puffin grows larger and intensi..
Cascading Rainbows Quilt Pattern
As you begin to explore the possibilities inherent in this magnificent miniature quilt, remember ..
Child's Play Quilt Pattern
Our son Sebastian inspired us to create this vibrant quilt. His captivation with the simple block..
Colored Pencils Quilt Pattern
Sure to inspire any artist, this vibrant quilt was inspired by a new box of colored pencils. With..
Dancing Dolphins Quilt Pattern
Celebrate summer with this playful wall hanging depicting a trio of dolphins swimming around a co..
Destination Unknown Free Quilt Pattern
A fantasy oriented quilt pattern, this design would be wonderful for a little boy or girl. Blast ..
Dino Tracks Quilt Pattern
Playful dinosaurs in bright colors make this cuddly quilt perfect for your favorite little one. ..
Dragon's Tale Quilt Pattern
Travel to a far off land and do battle with a mythical fire breathing dragon and knight. While st..
Goldfish Crib Quilt Pattern
Stitch this bright and playful design for your favorite little ones. They are sure to enjoy hours..
Hopping into Spring Quilt Pattern
As the snows of winter begin to melt and the weather turns warmer, the first signs of spring emer..
Lollipop, Lollipop Quilt Pattern
Resembling large and colorful swirling lollipops, this jovial quilt reminds us of childhood days...
Lullaby Skies Quilt Pattern
Looking at the beautiful colors laid out on the canvas of the winter sky at dusk was the inspirat..
Rush Hour Quilt Pattern
Although bumper to bumper traffic may not appeal to most adults, the cars involved are irresistib..
School Days Quilt Pattern
As the Dog-Days of summer give way to cooling fall breezes, excitement about the upcoming school ..
School of Fish Quilt Pattern
A dazzling palette of colors contributes to the allure of this enchanting project. Children of al..